Language in My Heart 

Come join us for the 12th Annual Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair April 7-8, 2014.  

2014 FAIR

April 7, 9:00 - 12:00   Pre-K through 5th Grades

Doors open at 8:00 for Check-In. 

Students should be lined up and ready for the opening Parade of Programs at 8:45.

The schedule is available below. Please note that all times are approximate. Students should be in the room 5 minutes before scheduled performance time.

April 8, 9:00 - 3:00  6th -12th Grades

Doors open at 8:00 for Check-In.

Performances break from 12:00-12:30 for lunch. This is shorter than last year!

The schedule is available below.  Please note that all times are approximate. Students should be in the room 5 minutes before scheduled performance time.

Every spring, the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair (ONAYLF) brings together 600-800 students who are learning their Native languages. The Fair honors these students and their teachers by giving them an opportunity to publicly present their languages. The Fair celebrates language diversity in Oklahoma and the US. In addition to student and teachers, the Fair also involves the university community, tribal communities, families, and over 100 volunteers.  More about the goals and history of the Fair.

Students participate according to age in categories:

  • Individual, small group, or large group Spoken Language Performance
  • Individual, small group, or large group Song in Native Language 
  • Language Masters Performance 
  • Poetry Writing and Performance
  • Spoken Language with PowerPoint 
  • Poster Art on the yearly language theme
  • Book & Literature
  • Cartoon & Comic Book 
  • Film & Video 
  • Language Advocacy Essay (in English)  
  • More about the categories

Students perform for elders and teachers who score the children on 1) amount of language used, 2) fluency, 3) spirit of the performance, and 4) stage presence. The top three performances in each age category receive a trophy that they can take back to their schools. Every child who participates receives a medal and a Fair T-Shirt, created by the winning artwork from the last year’s Fair.  More about our judges and the judging process.

If you are learning your language or passing on your language at home or in a classroom and have never come to the Fair, we invite you to the Fair. If you are just interested in knowing more about the beauty and diversity of Native languages in Oklahoma, please come by.  Your presence will support these dedicated youth and the continued use of all languages.

Here are the performance schedules for the 2014 Language Fair!


News for 2014!

Registration for the 2014 Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair will open Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Invited Guest - Leslie Harper

Over 20 languages are represented each year!

Apache, Arapaho, Cayuga, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Comanche, Coushatta, Dakota, Euchee (Yuchi), Hasinai (Caddo), Hochunk, Jiwere (Otoe), Kanza (Kaw), Keres, Kickapoo, Kiowa, Mohawk, Mvskoke (Creek), Navajo, Osage, Pawnee, Pima, Prairie Band Potawatomi, Sauk, Seminole, Seneca, Shawnee, Shoshone, Ute, Wichita, and Zuni.

Nowhere else can more Oklahoma Native languages be heard!

Some Media on the Language Fair

The Santa Fe New Mexican (10/23/13) wrote abut the Fair here 

Read KGOU's article by Susan Shannon on the 2013 Fair here

NewsOk covers the 2010 Fair here

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Dates to Remember

January 13 |  Registration Opens

March 10 | Registration Closes

March 14 |  Pre-Judged Submissions Due in the museum

April 7  |  Fair Day 1: Pre-K – 5th Grades

April 8  |  Fair Day 2: 6th – 12th Grades

Judges and Volunteers

If you have judged or volunteered before, and want to sign up for this year, please visit our Judges and Volunteers page for more details.


View past performances at the Fair on our YouTube Channel.

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