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Revitalizing and renewing languages takes a long-term commitment on the part of individuals, communities, and the larger public to support them. The Department of Native American Languages is committed to supporting language revitalization with a variety of programs and partnerships that encourage daily use of Oklahoma Native languages.

The Breath of Life, Silent No More Workshops are intensive training classes that take place in May every even year (2010, 2012, for example) for one week. These workshops teach community members how to find and use archival language materials, to learn how to read and understand the materials through linguistics training, and how to create fun and effective language teaching materials from the materials.

The Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair (ONAYLF) has been attracting students from all over Oklahoma and nearby states for over 10 years. The Fair is held at the museum every first Monday and Tuesday in April. For two days, students learning their Native languages and their teachers come together to give spoken language, poetry, and song performance, and exhibit books, films, and poster art. The youth and the Fair were recently given an honor Citation from the Oklahoma State House of Representatives, and the 10th Year Youth Language Fair Art Calendar won Silver in nation-wide small press award.

The Native Youth Video Workshops help youth get experience with cameras, microphones, and video editing in order to document their own languages and cultures, and to tell their own stories through film making.

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In addition to NAL sponsored programs, the NAL staff and linguistic anthropology students give teacher training workshops through the Oklahoma Native Language Association and other training venues. The Helpful Links on the right takes you to further training opportunities.

Certificates - Chickasaw

Fall 2012 NEW Native Youth Video Workshop

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